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My name is Alana, working away in marketing after completing my B.A. degree in Communication Studies in DCU. I originally started this blog in 2012 and intended to make it a full-time hobby but as always life got in the way and I got side tracked. I get such inspiration from other bloggers and thought why can’t I do that, so I did. If you want to know about me, all you need to know is that I am a coffee addict, a shopaholic, a crazy cat lady, and a full-time dreamer. All the right ingredients for a blogger wouldn’t you say?

Expect anything from beauty reviews, travel, fashion and personal style, and lifestyle posts. Hopefully you enjoy your time here and enjoy what I’ve written, and that I’ve helped anyone who needs it.

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All opinions on my blog are my own, I would never give a false interpretation of a product. Honesty is the best policy. If anything is sent to me I will let it be known or mark it on my blog with an asterix as so (*).

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