*blows dust off keyboard*

Hello again, still there? This blog reeks of neglect as of late and for that I am sorry. Once again life got in the way, what’s new!

My last post here was in January and a lot has changed since then. I’m now an official adult and started my first proper job as a marketing assistant, I finally learnt how to drive, went on holidays to Spain, and turned 23! These mightn’t seem like major milestones to you but to me it’s the year I feel like I’m actually doing something with my life.

I graduated college in 2015 and since then I’d been working full time in retail, which if you’ve ever done you know it’s no cup of tea. The long and irregular hours and running about the place can really take it out of you so I was DYING to get a job in marketing & communications. It was after the Christmas rush in work and I was in Spain for a few days with my family, I was just sick of retail and going nowhere, so I applied for a few jobs, and low and behold I got a few interviews and was offered a job!

To say I was thrilled was an understatement, but of course with all new beginnings you have to leave things behind. After a very long 4 years in Zara, I begrudgingly handed in my notice, which I did with a heavy heart. As much as I complained about retail it was a big part of my life and taught me a great many things. However I can say for sure I hope to never go back!

Now, I’m currently working as a marketing assistant for Frank Keane BMW & MINI and finally starting my career journey. I’m starting to get into a routine now and I have to say I’m in LOVE with my weekends off! I’ve already learnt so much in my first few months, so I’m excited to see what the future brings.

Also another big accomplishment for me this year is I’ve finally learnt how to drive. No your eyes are not deceiving you, yes I did say I turned 23 this year.. It’s been something I’ve been putting off for the last 5 years, but hey better late than never right? As much as I’ve always wanted to learn I never had a massive need for it and it’s quite an expensive luxury. Although now I do an hour and a half commute each day on public transport so I finally bit the bullet and got my provisional licence and I only have 2 lessons to go!

And finally I went to Spain for 2 weeks this summer, to my second home Mojacar. I’ve been there countless times but I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it. I’m actually heading to London for a few days later this year which I’m veeery excited about. I’ve only been there once when I was around 10 so it’s definitely long overdue, especially when it’s such a short flight.

Well there you go, you’re pretty much all caught up on the last few months and I’m determined to get back on track here.

Have an amazing week!