On my days off I often like to treat myself and go get some amazing chocolate pancakes in my local café with the most amazing decor.

Broadway Café is located in Dunboyne Village and it really holds a great place in the community. When you step inside you feel like you’re in New York City and about to go see a Broadway show. The decor is full of Broadway memorabilia, posters, and little nicknacks. I love going here on my days off for some breakfast because I love musicals and being surrounded in it all is great!

IMG_9685 IMG_9690 IMG_9691 IMG_9695

I went for the chocolate and marshmallow pancakes per usual and they never dissapoint! If you’re ever in the Dunboyne area and have a sweet tooth like me it’s a must to visit. I’ve never left anything but a clean plate.

IMG_9699 IMG_9702

Hope you’re having a great Monday,

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