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I love blogging and I love reading blogs even more. I get such inspiration from bloggers and love to just scroll aimlessly at all the fashion and reviews. I also love New York which is why I always find myself following New York bloggers, including We Wore What.

I stumbled across her Instagram page a few years ago and I’ve been obsessed with her style ever since. She has such a unique sense of style and can pull off such a variety of looks. A lot of people can be very predictable with their fashion choices but you never know what look she’ll pull together which is one of the main reasons I follow her blog. I also included her in my top 5 favourite bloggers post here.

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These images here are just some of her more recent looks, including some monochrome outfits, white and cream outfits, and some more miscellaneous and colourful ones too. If you looking for a new blog to follow and you haven’t already checked out then I highly suggest you do.

Hope you’re having a great day,

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