Now that were entering the colder months ahead that usually means one thing, it’s time to start applying fake tan again.

Obviously cold weather and Winter doesn’t mean you need to wear fake tan, but with my natural Summer tan fading I like to maintain my tan as I’m quite pale when my own colour fades. My favourite tans to wear are; Wow Brown which is my all time favourite especially for special occasions, and my other favourite for more day-to-day wear is the Cocoa Brown tan. They both have a very brown finish and don’t leave the skin brown or green like some fake tans do. However it’s not the application thats the problem, it’s the removal that usually creates havoc.


There’s nothing worse then when you have an event the next day or you just want to apply a new layer of tan, but you just can’t get the remainder of your tan off from last time. This usually results in me scrubbing my skin raw till it comes off and even at that its never 100% off.

However I tried Tough Stuff a couple of months ago and it’s amazing at removing tan that just does not want to leave your body.

DSCN3166 DSCN3167

It has tiny little exfoliating beads that really work against your skin to remove all of your tan, and when you use it with exfoliating gloves it’s like a match made in heaven. When I regularly apply tan I usually exfoliate my skin with Tough Stuff and the gloves about once a week, and you really do see the difference with your next tan application and how well it applies. The great thing as well is that you don’t even need to be wearing tan to use this. If you’re looking for just a normal body exfoliatient it’s still brilliant.

It really is a no-nonsense scrub, and for just €5 you can’t go wrong. You can pick this up in any Boots, Penneys, and most pharmacies.

I hope you’re having a great day,

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