Its time to get those creative juices flowing, so today I am showing you how to create this adorable candle holder. I saw something similar on pinterest and had to recreate it, so when I saw this material in Dealz it was fate. These can also be amazing gifts for people for birthdays, christmas or just for your significant other as a little treat. And once again this is incredibly easy to do, as I love a quick DIY because you’re more likely to give it a go.

So lets get started!

All you need are:

A Jar (with the label scrapped off)






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Next just measure out how much of your material you will need to wrap around the jar, and once you’ve done that wrap it around and make a mark of where you want your hearts to go. Then just draw you’re desired shape on the inside of the material, and just cut away. Take your glue and pop some on the back of your material and spread it around, but don’t saturate it with glue or it might damage your material. Then wrap it around and let it set. I then wrapped a piece of string around the top of the jar for one last detail. And voila, you now have a custom candle holder that will add love to any room. This literally took me 5 minutes to do and it looks a lot harder than it is, and this technique can be applied to any material, shape or design!

Alana xo