Unfortunately I don’t have a Super-drug near me, but when I went shopping with some of my friends after college the other day, I didn’t realise how many makeup brands they have in there I’ve never heard of. They had MUA which was mostly sold out, but they also had this brand here Makeup Revolution and they had so much for so little. Again most of their stock was sold out, but they had this palette for only €10 and it comes with 32 eyeshadows so you do the math!

  DSCN2547 DSCN2578_Fotor_Collage

(Swatches are each row from left to right)

They aren’t the most amazing eyeshades I’ve tried, but for 30c an eyeshadow they’re pretty amazing! They’re mostly all shimmer apart from the lightest shades, but I personally love shimmer so if you prefer matte shades I wouldn’t recommend this palette. The best part is they are all so pigmented, especially the darkest shades which is the main thing I look at when buying a drugstore eyeshadow palette. This palette is mostly neutral shades, and perfect for winter with the burt reds and burgundies. I am so excited to try a look with this palette and get more bits from the makeup brand!

Alana xo