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I went to Paris about a month ago and I never got around to posting the pieces I picked up on my travels. It feels like I was just there but at the same time it feels like months ago. I didn’t go too crazy but I did pick up some new treats for myself while I was away.

I picked up two things from MAC while I was in the airport en route to Paris because of duty free(how could I not), so I finally picked up MAC Give Me Sun. I don’t know how I haven’t bought this yet but I finally did and now I’m obsessed to say the least. I’ve seen everyone use it online for years now but I never bought into the hype because it looked like it would be far too orange for me but don’t be fooled, it really does make you look sunkissed. Also from MAC I picked up the infamous Subculture lip liner, which is a perfect everyday nude shade. I have the MAC Whirl lip liner which I’m not a fan of at all because it just doesn’t suit me, but Subculture is perfect for my skin tone and is already a holy grail of mine.


The majority of things from this haul I bought whilst I was in Sephora on the Champs Élysees, otherwise known as heaven on earth. The store is massive inside and will not disappoint. The only negative about this store is that it’s almost too big, and it would take you hours to see everything. I went in with an idea of what I wanted and picked up a few surprises along the way. Firstly I got two products from Makeup Forever, their new Ultra HD Foundation  in N118 and the HD Setting Powder. I bought the original HD Foundation in the same store two years earlier so it was only fitting I picked up the new version this time around. I’m not sure if I prefer it to the original formula but I will be doing a full review on it very soon.

As for the HD Powder I bought this with the intention of using it to ‘bake’ my face, however I didnt realise it has a sieve on the inside to stop the product going everywhere which makes it hard to get enough product on your brush to bake. So now I just use it to set the highlighting concealer I put on my face and it works really well. I’ve yet to use it in flash photography to see how the HD holds up but it does leave your skin feeling very soft.

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The next two bits I picked up were from the Sephora own brand collection which I had yet to try. Firstly I thought I’d try the Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner because I hate having to clean my brushes, so any quick fix is always welcome. I have yet to try this product but I don’t doubt that it will clean my brushes fast but effectively. Lastly from the Sephora brand I got their High Coverage Concealer + Natural Finish in Light Beige. I’m not sure of the exact name for this product because the packaging is in French, and although I’m competent in French I’m not fluent, yet..

I use this concealer to highlight my face when I’m false tanned, and I also use it as a face concealer when I’m not tanned and extremely extremely pale. It feels very light on the skin but is still very high coverage, and I also really like the applicator on the tip of the brush.


 Finally from Sephora I purchased a pink Beauty Blender. I know I’m late to the party on this one, but I never thought I really needed one. I’ve been using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and loved it so I never saw the point in spending €20 instead of €5. But when I saw it for €16 in Sephora I just bit the bullet and gave it a go.

I do see a difference between these two sponges and I think I’ve been converted to the Beauty Blender for good. I prefer its pointy tip for my under eye concealer and it just feels better on the skin and applies foundation so quickly. Its texture is also a lot denser on the skin giving you higher converge with your application.


And finally the last beauty product I picked up in Paris was a backup of my holy grail face moisturiser, the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. I was running low so when I saw this ‘Public Drugstore Champs Élysees’ Exclusive Version I had to pick it up. This is definitely the only skin care product I could not live without and it has seriously changed my skin immensely. Since I’ve been using this my skin has cleared up, feels so smooth, and it has also cleared up any discolouration and scaring on my face. This is seriously a wonder product and I will definitely be repurchasing more in the future.

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And that’s it, that’s all I picked up in Paris. I also bought some clothing and souvenirs but to be honest I spent the maoiry of my money on food and sightseeing. Paris can be expensive to visit so spending crazy amounts on beauty products unfortunately wasn’t on the top of my list. I wish they had a Sephora here in Ireland (sad face) and hopefully in years to come they’ll open one here, but in the mean time I’ll just stick to Boots and Brown Thomas.

Hope you’re having a great weekend,




MAC Give Me Sun

MAC Subculture

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

Makeup Forever HD Powder

Sephora Concealer

Sephora Brush Cleaner

Beauty Blender

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream