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On Saturday the 5th of March the one and only Adele came to Dublin to perform live for her 25 album world tour. I was lucky enough to get tickets off my sister for Christmas to go to the concert because they were like gold dust!

I’ve always been a massive fan of Adele and I remember when the tickets went on sale in December I was desperate to go but I knew I’d never have a chance of getting tickets, and I was also in work that morning. Little did I know my sister somehow got tickets when they went on sale and surprised me on Christmas morning with her album inside a show box to throw me off!

I was actually meant to be flying home from Paris at half eight that evening, but my sister bought the tickets and then we realised that it was the same day I was still in Paris. I mean it’s not the worst problem you could have but I decided to change our flights and come home on the earlier flight. It did mean missing a few hours in the day but I just couldn’t miss the chance to see Adele live, and we still had three full days in Paris so I can’t complain!

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I got home at around 3.30 and then at about 5 my sister and I got the train into town and stopped off for sushi in Musashi on the way to the 3 Arena. I’ve never gone out for sushi in Dublin before but it’s safe to say I’m now addicted! It was absolutely delicious and super handy and quick as we were in a rush to get to the concert. The show didn’t start until 8 so we got there just before 7.30 and we were actually pretty close to the stage, I could even see her face.

If you think Adele is good on CD then you’re in for a big treat if you see her live. Everyone in the crowd was just in awe of how talented she was and I can honestly say it was the best concert I’ve ever been to! Even though she has a lot of ballads and slow songs she still put on such an amazing show. I won’t give too much away in case you’re going to see her, but she still puts on a show even though she doesn’t need to with a voice like that. I managed to record all of my favourite songs on my phone so I’ll always have those to listen back to. During her finale she released confetti from the ceiling during her performance of Rolling in the Deep, and then we realised the confetti was actually little notes that were hand written by Adele, what an amazing touch to finish the show. Everyone was diving on the floor when the show was over to bring them home!

I’m so glad we were there on the second night because Adele brought up two Irish guys onto the stage to sing their medley cover of her songs that went viral online. Adele saw their video and brought them up on stage to sing to the entire arena! The reception they received was surreal and it was amazing to see them up on stage living their dream.


If you ever have the chance to see Adele live DO IT, you won’t regret it. I already can’t wait to see her live again! It was a great day all round and the perfect end to a fantastic week.

Hope you’re having a great day!