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Statement heels are all the range at the moment but unfortunately they come with a hefty price tag. Dior released their statement boots with a perspex heel a while ago and we’ve all been drooling every since.

The good news is we can all get the look now with these high-street dupes that are a lot more affordable. I have a pair of black patent boots with an ombre perspex heels from Zara which you can see here. These dupes are only a fraction of the Dior price so if you’ve been lusting over them nows you’re chance to buy. Below here are the actual Dior boots so you can see the comparison between the different brands. I have to say there isn’t much of a difference between these and the high-street versions except for the colours.

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The best place to pick up some of these boots for yourself is Public Desire. This is a great up and coming website which has the most amazing selection of shoes for amazing prices. I’m obsessed with their shoes and if you haven’t checked out their website yet I highly suggest you do. If you check out their ‘Chloe‘ boots they have them in over 6 colours all with a perspex heel for less than €50! (See the top and bottom row of images in opening image for Chloe boots and colours).

The next best place for statement boots is Topshop which also have a great range but are a little bit more expensive compared to Public Desire. Their ‘Master‘ boots are stunning with a tortoise heel and leather body. I picked up a very similar pair of boots from Asos you can find out more about here (See the middle row of images in opening image for Master boots and colours).

Chloe Boots – here

Master Boots – here

I don’t know about you but I will definitely adding some of these boots to my collection!

Hope you’re having a great start to your week,