One of the most important things in life is making sure we have a clear mind and mental health, and one of the best ways to do this is to be organised. 

Being organised is such an easy thing to accomplish yet it’s often forgotten about or pushed aside to be dealt with another day. I can get stressed quite easily and I often make a mountain out of a mole hill, so I love to make sure I’m always organised. It really does help you keep a clear mind which also allows you to think more clearly. Below are just some of my tips on how to stay more organised in your everyday life.



  1. Make your bed when you wake up – Tidying up as you go will make it a lot easier for you in the long run, and having a fresh made bed is already your first accomplishment of the day.
  2. Make a to-do list everyday (an easy and workable to-do list) – Making a list of things you need/want to do that day is great to de-stress so you’re not worrying in case you forgot something, and ticking them off as you go will also give you a great sense of accomplishment throughout the day. This applies to your personal life and work life. Make a list of things or chores you need to do at home, and things you need to do in work so when they’re all done you know you can go home and sleep easy.
  3. Keep your planner up-to-date – Last year I finally got my hands on a stunning Kate Spade planner. I decided to go with the gold polka dot one, firstly because it’s great to look at but also because the layout on the inside is just what I wanted in a planner so it’s nice an easy to use and read. I always write down what I’m doing everyday and weeks to come, for example my work shits, plans, or upcoming events so if you need to make plans you know in advance what your free days are.
  4. Do one thing at a time + do it now – Don’t take on too many things at once, instead just do one thing at a time and do it right when you get the chance, then you can move onto the next task.
  5. If it’s not broken don’t fix it – I’m a true believer that if it’s not broken don’t fix it. I have numerous things I’ve had for years and years that still do the job just as well as the day I got them. Don’t make things too complicated and just go with the flow and see how things turn out. Basically don’t sweat the small stuff.
  6. Make peace with imperfection – No one is perfect, so once you embrace this fact and you realise that everything you do won’t be perfect, you won’t have crazy expectations and won’t take failure so harsh. Just do things in manageable amounts and if you can’t do it, just move on.
  7. Plan regular decluttering sessions to donate + buy less – Every few weeks I got through my room and my wardrobe and take out everything I don’t need or use anymore. There’s no point surrounding yourself with clutter and crowding yourself with things you don’t need. When your surroundings are clean you’ll instantly feel more organisesd and clear minded. Donate the things you don’t need to a charity shop, and don’t keep buying things you don’t need. There’s no point decluttering your room to just fill it back up again. Just ask yourself ‘Do I need this? Do I really need this?’ and if there answer is no, then leave it behind.
  8. Ask for help – Don’t fumble around trying to solve something if there’s someone around to help you, after all many hands make light work. 
  9. Foresee and avoid problems – Plan ahead to avoid unexpected situations that can be easily avoided. Fail to plan, plan to fail.
  10. Devote 10 minutes a day to organisation – Right when you get up; make your bed, eat breakfast, make a to-do list, update your planner etc, and start tidying up your house/room so no matter what, your day will be off to a good start. From then on all you’ll be doing is ticking things off your list. At the end of the day you can physically see all the things you’ve accomplished.


DSC_0081 DSC_0082

I personally love to stay organised buy using notebooks, as there’s nothing better than the old fashioned pen and paper. I’m obsessed with using a planner and I’m currently using this Kate Spade gold polka dot one I got from Hippenings (similar here) for around €50. That may seem expensive but this is a 17 month planner so it just works out at around €3 a month and €0.70c a week, and it’s also great quality so I know it will actually last the 17 months from September 2015 to December 2016.

I also keep several other notebooks for various other things such as this ‘A’ notebook and ‘More Issues Than Vogue’ notebook. I use the ‘A’ notebook for more day-to-day things like packing to-do lists, things I need to get etc, whereas I use the ‘More Issues Than Vogue’ one for blogs and more creative ideas. By using these I know exactly where to go for my next blog post or for what I need to pick up in the shop, which can also save a lot of time.

I picked up the ‘A’ notebook in Tiger for €4 and the ‘More Issues Than Vogue’ for €3 in Penneys/Primark. As you can see I have a slight obsession with all things gold and have incorporated them into my stationary as well!


Hopefully this has helped anyone who needs to become more organised and I know I’ll be coming back to this post whenever I feel stressed and need to organise to de-stress. Obviously there are many more ways to be more organised but these are just some of the ones that work for me!

Hope you’re having an amazing week!

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