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Last thursday the 5th of November I officially graduated from college! It was such a long and surreal day but I can finally say I’m a college graduate extremely proud of my degree.

 I got up at around 7am and didn’t go to bed until around 4am so to say it was a long day is an understatement, although I fit in a lot and had a really great day. It was all hands on deck to make sure we got out the door on time for around 9am, and I don’t think I’ve ever rushed so much to do my makeup! I arrived at DCU, took a few photos with my family and friends and headed into the hall for the ceremony. I think it’s safe to say every graduate in the hall was praying they didn’t fall over on stage in front of a 1,000 people, and the nerves kicked in right before it was my turn but thankfully I made it across safe and sound.


My family and I stayed around the Helix for a while to take some photos whilst I was still in my cap and gown before we headed into town for a meal. It was so great to see all my friends from college after the summer and everyone looked amazing. Of course me and my friends had to get the standard hats in the air photo!


After I returned the cap and gown we headed into town for a celebratory meal, and we stopped into 37 Dawson Street for a drink first to figure out where we wanted to go for food. I’m not going to lie my feet were in agony from my shoes so we ended up eating in Milanos right next door but I was pleasantly surprised with the food and really enjoyed the meal. We then went back into 37 Dawson Street afterwards for another drink because a few of our friends who also graduated were in there with their families, and it was a lot more packed this time and we actually saw the Irish actor Aidan Gillen from GOT and ‘The Scorch Trials’! Of course I got a mojito and the decor inside is second to none.


Then I headed home to freshen up before heading out, and then headed to a friend of mine from my course’ house for drinks before we headed into town. It was great to chat to everyone again because who knows when we’ll all see each other again 🙁 After town I got a taxi home because I was in work the next day and I finally got to sleep after being up for almost 24 hours!


I am in LOVE with my dress which I picked up on ASOS a few months ago, if you’re ever going to wear sequin it’s on you graduation day. I still can’t believe I’ve graduated and I’m still not ready to go into the adult world. I start a very exciting internship this Monday so hopefully it’s only onwards and upwards from here!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend,

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