Over the past few weeks I’ve collected a few new beauty products, some more affordable and some more high-end. You can neeever have too much makeup in my opinion.

I never spend huge amounts of money on one product because at the end of the day its not like a jumper you’re going to have for years to come. Makeup will eventually get used up so I prefer to buy more inexpensive products so I don’t feel bad when I need to repurchase them.


MAC wouldn’t necessarily be classed as high-end makeup, however when you compare it to drugstore prices it really is. I’ve been lusting over this Mineralize Skinfinish for months now so when I was going through duty-free on my holidays I had to pick it up.

I am obsessed with this product for highlighting the under eye area and it really does an amazing job at keeping that area nice and bright and crease free. It is a bit pricy for a face powder and retails for just over €30. It can also be used to clean up your contour and do the ‘baking’ method if you’re familiar with that.

1DSC_0039_Fotor 1DSC_0040_Fotor

Also from duty-free I got MAC’s Creme Cup as my pink lipstick obsession continues to grow. I love the cremesheen range from MAC as my lips are naturally very dry so I tend to stay away from mattes. Creme Cup is very hydrating on the lips and gives a very pigmented but soft rose pink shade. Last but not least from MAC I got the infamous Velvet Teddy which I actually got a few months ago now.

To be honest I’m quite disappointed with Velvet Teddy after all the hype that was surrounding it. I thought it would be more of a nude shade but on me it comes out very brown which doesn’t suit me at all. When I’m more tanned I can wear it but on an everyday basis I try to stay away from it.


Yves Saint Laurent has always been one of those brands that I love to lust and look over but realistically I was never going to own anything. However when my sister came home from her summer of travelling she gave me this stunning YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick and I was in shock! I always talked about having one so she must have been listening more that I thought and I’m very grateful.

This colour in no.3 is absolutely stunning and screams Alana. These mauvey nude shades are my favourite colours to wear, and I will definitely be whipping this out for special occasions.


 And finally I got this Inglot Stardust Pigment in 115 last week to wear to my cousins wedding I attended last week, see post here, and it really did match very well. I don’t really own that many Inglot products apart from my eyeshadow palette (which I love), so I was excited to finally try the pigments. However I was slightly disappointed with this pigment as the colour didn’t stay very pigmented and there was a lot of fall out. I’ll keep playing around with it and hopefully figure out how best to use it.


That’s all I’ve picked up these past few weeks, and from now on I’ll more than likely be spending my money on Autumn/Winter fashion and I can’t wait!

Hope you’re having a great weekend,

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