Sorry, where has the Summer gone? I feel as though I just blinked and it flew by. I had a great Summer filled with lots exciting things, so now I’m ready to welcome Autumn.

Don’t get me wrong I love Summer and all it has to bring such as the light clothes, Summer tan, and blazing sun. However as with any season, towards the end you always get tired of certain things and look forward to the change. As much as I love the heat I’m excited to wear big knitted jumpers and coats again. I had a lot of sun this Summer which equals to a lot of sweating, so layering up is a welcome change.

Most people have a favourite type of clothing, for example some people can never have too many shoes, or bags, or jeans etc., and they’re always on the hunt for more. For me, its coats. Coats are my favourite piece of clothing to wear, and its finally time to whip them out again. I must admit I have waaaay to many coats in my collection so the sooner I can start wearing them the better. Seeing as Ireland is reliable for its cold and miserable weather in the Winter time, its the one thing I don’t mind investing in because I know I’ll always get the wear out of them, sadly.

With any new season there are lots of exciting things to look forward to, and for Autumn mine are:

Coats (who would have guessed right?)

Oversized Jumpers

Cosy Socks and Fluffy Pyjamas

Lighting the Fire

Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream and Marshmallows

Lighting Autumnal Candles

Halloween (and being able to watch Hocus Pocus)

Getting Excited for Christmas!

Autumn Leaves

Scarves, Hats and Boots

The Brisk Morning Air

Berry/Wine Lipstick

Of course some of these things can be used all year round if you want, but for me they are a lot more enjoyable in the Autumn/Winter weather. Before we know it, it will be Christmas and that brings a whole other list of exciting things to look forward to. What are you most excited for this time of the year?

Hope you’re having an amazing week,

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