3d76729f05a34806c65397bcab93c9ee_Fotor_CollageI can’t believe Summer is almost over, like seriously where has the time gone?! It really has been a busy summer to say the least and there is still lots of exciting things to come.

I went to Spain three weeks ago with my boyfriend for a nice relaxing summer holiday and I’m going back again tomorrow with my family for some more fun. The weather is amazing over there at the moment, with the days usually reaching the 30’s so I’m delighted I’ll get a second wear out of all my summer clothes, seeing as were not getting the desired weather here in Ireland. Also I’m extremely excited to be heading away as I just got my very first official DSLR camera for my 21st birthday 2 weeks ago so I’ll have lots and lots of amazing holidays photos to share whilst I’m away. Photography has always been a passion of mine so I can’t wait to finally have my own professsional camera and be creative.

Anyway enough rambling, here are some of my favourite trends that I’ve been wearing this summer. Which include the massively popular off the shoulder trend, the strappy sandals trend, and also the dungarees trend which has made a massive comeback this year. This next week will be my last chance to wear shorts and t-shirts till next year, so I’m definitely going to make the most of it! Summer fashion is always exciting so hopefully this collage has given you some inspiration for the last few weeks of summer!

Hope you’re having an amazing day,

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