This has been a long awaited post to say I’m finally DONE! My last blog post was written whilst I was still in the midst of all my college assignments, but I’m finally done.

I finished college for good on the 18th of May which was a while ago, but I’m only getting around to writing again as I’ve been taking the last few weeks to just get back to normal and relax.

I just received my college results yesterday and I’m very proud to say that I received a 2.1 honours degree in Communication studies and I couldn’t been more thrilled! I put a lot of work into my last year and it finally paid off. I can now enter the big bad world and who knows where it will take me. All I know is that I’m determined to get out of working in retail, especially because it’s sale season, and look for a job with my degree (it still doesn’t seem real I actually have one!). My ambition is obtain a job in the fashion industry somehow, whether it be PR, advertising or journalism I don’t mind. I’m eager to gain experience wherever I can and finally move onto the next chapter of my life.

I will finally be posting a lot more regularly and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things, watch this space!