Smashbox is definitely growing in the makeup industry the past few years, and their products are slowly growing in my collection. Here we have their new Double Exposure palette, a sequel to their popular Full Exposure. I resisted from getting the first palette when it was released as it was mostly neutrals and quite basic colours that I could find in other palettes. However when they released this guy and said that their 14 shadows become 28 shadows? I was sold!

DSCN3275 DSCN3283 DSCN3287 DSCN3290

Above I have swatched both rows from left to right, and I also swatched two shades to show the difference between them dry and wet. When you wet these shadows their finish changes, for example the shimmers become metallic etc. Although there are a few matte shades in this palette which I wouldn’t recommend you wet because they don’t change what so ever and if anything they get worse. The shimmer shades work perfectly wet and just intensify the original colour, although I must say there isn’t much of a difference between the shades wet and dry.

This is a really great palette but would I say you need to drop everything you’re doing right now and go out and buy this? No. It’s great but I don’t think it’s a staple you must have in your collection. I will definitely keep trying it out and see if my first impression changes. I am by no means slamming this palette but I just think there are better all round palettes out there.