So you may or may not have heard of Zoeva brushes which are currently taking the industry by storm. I’ve heard so much hype about them online from various bloggers and vloggers so of course I had to see for myself. I got these as a Christmas gift and I’m so excited to finally review them. Zoeva is a German brush brand which have emerged over the past year or so even though they were founded in 2008.

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I went for the Rose Gold Luxury Set because they’re rose gold and stunning, but mostly because this set contained all the brushes I wanted individually so it was just a bonus they’re packaged in beautiful rose gold ferrules. And not to mention they come in a stylish and sleek leather like clutch which can be used for both storage of the brushes or an everyday makeup bag. This set comes with eight essential handcrafted brushes for everyday makeup.

The kit comes with both, high quality natural hair and synthetic taklon bristles, so it can be used with cream and powder based products. This collection are my new go to brushes as there is a brush for every occasion. Whether it be powder, foundation, concealer and 3 eyeshadow brushes. The quality of these brushes is amazing and feel so luxurious on your skin. They blend your makeup seamlessly and leave you looking flawless. The 102 silk finish is my personal favourite for foundation followed by the 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek for bronzer.

I would highly recommend these brushes to anyone looking for new brushes whether it be for personal or professional use. Shop Zoeva here.