I realise this post is quite belated and probably irrelevant now, but I really loved how they turned out so here it is anyway. The weekend before Christmas my parents had a get together in my house with their friends, so I made these delicious melted snowmen biscuits I came across on Pinterest. They looked quite easy to make but they took longer than expected, although I think that was more down to my technique as it only takes 3 steps.

DSCN2955 DSCN2956 DSCN2954 DSCN2953

 To begin you just take your chosen biscuit (I choose digestive biscuits), and make some icing sugar you can find in any supermarket. You then spread it on top of the biscuits and put a marshmallow on top and there you have the body! Next is the icing for the body and buttons and I just picked up a container of toppings and used little chocolate chips for the buttons. It was the arms and faces that took the longest as I also used thin long chocolate sprinkles from the same container for the arms which took a loooong time to place perfectly. The supermarket I went to only have red and green food colouring so I went with a festive snowmen face.  Using the red for the nose and the green for the mouth, and I also added some more of the sprinkles onto the eyes as pupils.

DSCN2947 DSCN2938 DSCN2939

And voila! You have these amazing Christmas themed biscuits perfect for holiday parties.

Alana xo