I think its fair to say that after Christmas and the large amount of chocolate and sweets that were consumed we may have had a breakout or two. My skin wasn’t actually that bad but it wasn’t flawless, so I went out and I picked up this little guy here from Boots. I know these kind of products have been around for quite a while but I never give in to rapid spot treatments. From my own experience they never really work out but this one has received a lot of great feedback.

DSCN3096 DSCN3095

I must admit this product is very impressive. I can’t say for sure whether or not it works in 4 hours as I put it on overnight, but by morning it really helps clear up your skin. Im not saying your skin will be flawless by morning but its very good at drying up blemishes. Although I would say to make sure you only put it on the problem area and not on any sensitive skin or dry skin as it may irritate it. And for only €5.49 it really does the job well! I would recommend this for anyone trying to clear up a breakout FAST.

Alana xo