We all suffer from a bad breakout now and then, so these are my top 3 products I reach for to help clear my skin. One week my skin can be clear and radiant, the next it can be dry and irritated. It usually depends on my eating habits or stress levels, so when I need help with a bad breakout these are my go-to products.

I use these products for different kinds or breakouts or the different stages of a blemish. To help clear an active breakout I would use some of my Mask of Magnaminty from Lush as a spot treatment, which is AMAZING, or If I need something a bit stronger I would use my Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment as it is specifically designed to decrease a blemish in 4 hours although it definitely takes longer.

If I need help calming an irritated area or blemish, I would 100% reach for my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate as it is a beauty oil which helps heal and calm your skin overnight. I would describe my skin as normal, but can be oily during the summer and very dry during the winter so I’m not entirely sure if that make me combination skin, but thats my skin type. The Rapid Clear Treatment and Lush mask range from €6-12, however the Kiehls was €40 when I bought it on impulse in Paris. I know it may seem steep but I got it in February and have used it constantly and its only half gone! This is 100% a must for anyones skin care routine.

I have definitely had my fair share of breakouts, especially during the past year so I do know which products work for me in the long term and which ones are not worth spending time on. And for me these are the best I have found!  Of course everyone has there own personal favourites, so if there is anything you wold recommend please let me know below!

Alana xo