I was really hoping I would be able to review this product and I would absolutely fall in love with it, but sadly no. It sounded to good to be true. I’m always searching for new nail varnishes that will last on my nails and not chip. So when I heard of this Sally Hansen at home Gel Polish I had to see for myself! They had them for sale in Bradleys Pharmacy for only €7 when they are usually €15, which is steep for a nail varnish I know but for Sally Hansen it is quite affordable.


I love all of my other Sally Hansen nail varnishes so I thought this would be a no brainer. This product claims to give you a gel finish on your nails for up to 2 weeks, and all you do is apply a colour and then apply the clear top coat after on top and it should last on your nails. It gives a beautiful finish to your nails, a very gel-like finish, however it barely lasted 2 days on my nails let alone 2 weeks. I was so disappointed because there are no nail varnishes out there that don’t chip on me, and unfortunately this will join the pile. I will still use it as nail varnish, but I won’t be expecting it to last very long.

I’m very confused with this product, as it thought 2 weeks was pushing it but I thought it would at least last a week, but it just chipped instantly. Whats gong on Sally Hansen?! Ive only used the black so far, and I will use the red hoping for a better result but I’m pretty sure ill have the same outcome. Maybe you’ve had better luck with this product and if so please let me know, but unfortunately I would not recommend this product!

Alana xo