Once again Primark has hit the nail on the head. Ive owned a few pieces from their gym clothing range for quite a while now, but I finally joined a gym about a month back so Ive recently really gotten into it. So while I was strolling around in there the other day I came across some of their new pieces, and the best part is they are ridiculously affordable compared to the bigger brands.


Having worked in a sports store for over a year I do know a thing or two about sportswear. Pink is such a guilty pleasure for me so whenever I get a chance to wear it, whether it be at the gym or at home I take full advantage. I picked up this pink top/jumper as I only have T-shirts for the gym nothing long-sleeved, but this can also be doubled up for a run in the evening to keep you warm. Continuing on with the pink scheme of things, I saw these runners and saw how much they coordinated together and I just couldn’t resist. Also these runners are incredibly similar to the popular Rosheruns from nike! I am a sucker for matching from time to time. If you’re thinking of joining a gym, or just fancy going on the occasional walk around your estate I would definitely recommend taking a trip into Primark!

Top – €10

Runners – €13

Alana xo