Statement Fall Lip


As much as we all want to deny it, summer is now officially over. The transition is never easy, although as we enter the colder months ahead it means we will no longer be sweating off our makeup during the day like those miserable summer days.

No, we can now wear as much makeup as we want without the fear of it melting off our faces leaving us looking like a child’s colouring book. We can now begin to wear darker makeup products and exaggerate makeup a lot more in the winter months without the judgemental looks from on-goers. And it wouldn’t be the Autumn/Winter season if we didn’t say a warm welcome to the infamous Wine Lip that we all love so well, but are forced to part with when we enter spring.

I personally love the wine lip as it can instantly glam up any outfit and it is just so bold that it distracts people from the rest of your face if its been a long day! Here are some ways to wear it in a casual manner, such as a work day, a day out shopping or even a date night where you want to wear it but want to avoid being a bit dramatic. Many people may be overwhelmed or intimidated by this colour lip and think they mightn’t be able to pull it off or that its too fancy, but these women illustrate how you can wear it with very minimal makeup and strong brows and it still looks amazing and won’t catch anyones attention for the wrong reasons.

 Or however, if you have a special event to go to or you’ve had a hard weeks work and want to go glam on a Friday then work away and complete the statement lip look with statement eye shadow or an intense contour. Which is also a perfect demonstration on how to make this look go from day to night. Day time you can go subtle with just the lip colour, but then at night time you can add some eyeshadow and bronzer and BAM you are runway ready! I think this look will genuinely suit everyone and can transform a plain outfit into something chic in just a few seconds.


 And there you have it, some more Autumn/Winter inspiration to get you ready for the oncoming months and get ahead of the pack and fall fashion ready. These looks are super easy to achieve and the best part is you can find this wine colour in the ‘drugstore’, or my personal favourite is MAC Diva with Revlon’s Red Velvet Lip Butter. Once again I hope you found this piece helpful to you and your makeup dilemmas, enjoy! ♡

Alana xo