As you may of heard by now, many beauty gurus absolutely rave about the Whitening Lightning Lip Glosses so of course knowing me, I had to give in to the hype and get them. Even though I had heard so much good feedback about these glosses I was very sceptical about giving them a go as I am NOT a lip gloss fan. But when Jaclyn Hill brought out her Lip Bouquet selection I thought if I’m ever going to give them a try, it will be for this deal.

So I bit the bullet, and when I say it was a struggle to get these I mean it! It took quite a while to get them with several complications, so I had quite a high expectation for them. I really dislike lip glosses and their consistency, but I would definitely consider these more of a lip lacquer as they are so pigmented! They glide on and they don’t leave the lips as sticky as the average lip gloss would.





The lip bouquet consisted of these 4 shades; Pink Tiara, Rose Hill, Nude and Coral Craze. My favs are 100% Rose Hill and Nude as they are the most wearable. Nude is perfect with any nude and suits any makeup look you wear, where as Rose Hill is versatile as it looks great over a red lipstick but also amazing by itself leaving the lips looking naturally rosy. Coral Craze and Pink Tiara are gorgeous as well, but they don’t suit my skin tone as much and make me look quite washed out. They last very well on the lips and I have to say I was wrong to be so skeptic about them, and they do live up to the hype! Although I wouldn’t recommend buying a set incase you don’t like all the shades as I did, but they are pricey enough by themelsves so the choice is up to you! They retail for $24 on their website so make sure you do your research before you buy as they aren’t to cheapest of lip products!

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Alana xo


    • Alana
      October 5, 2014 / 10:04 pm

      Ahh I’m so jealous I am DYING to try that one out! x

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