I must admit, I was never really a true believer in moisturiser. I had tried a few but I never noticed any difference in my skin so I never really used one, that was until now. My sister raved about this Origins Ginzing Moisturiser and so had many beauty gurus online, so when I saw it on promotion in Boots I thought oh well its now or never and never looked back!


 This stuff is amazing! First of all as the packaging suggests, it smells like oranges (which I love!), and it leaves the skin incredibly hydrated but it dries on your face in seconds, so you’re not left waiting forever for it to dry in. But most importantly I have noticed the biggest improvement in my skin since I started using it just over a month ago and I’m hooked! I cannot recommend this stuff enough as it really cleared up my skin which is odd as it isn’t intended for acne prone skin per say, but I’m not complaining! If you’re looking for a new moisturiser I would highly recommend you give this a go. It retails for €28 in Boots and Debenhams in Ireland.

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Alana xo