Here’s a recent piece I created on DIY fashion for my college blog. I hope its useful! Enjoy ♡

As you may have noticed, we are still making our way out of this recession. Unfortunately the exits are not clearly signed and we have become self proclaimed masters of window shopping. Our will power has been well and truly tested each time we put something ‘back on the shelf’.

On the other hand, the recession does not mean we should ditch our fashionable attire! These DIY fashion tips are exactly what you need to get you through the clothes crunch, and forget the R word ever happened.

Have you ever looked through a magazine and drooled over the latest runway collections from top designers, or simply took a stroll through Topshop thinking ‘’I need it in my life’’, but the hefty price tag has held you back?

As a student with a part-time job, this feeling is all too familiar to me. Trying to achieve the on campus chic is tough when you don’t have the moolah to fund it.

The solution? Make your own! You don’t have to be Vera Wang or even Gok Wan, all you need is some creativity!

One of the biggest current high street trends is bleach, from washed out tops, destroyed jeans faded shorts! So I took the challenge upon myself and created my very own dream shorts. How?

1.   Firstly, I took a pair of old jeans (we have all at least one pair) and cut them into shorts. The great thing about doing it yourself is that you decide the length.

2.   I then put my new shorts into the sink, and using gloves of course I poured the bleach over the areas desired.

3.   Leaving them in the sink until fully bleached, you may add more for extra effect.

I then rinsed them thoroughly in cold water until the water turns clear (not yellow) and squeeze!

4.   After leaving them to dry off, viola, a new pair of shorts!

Your end product may look something like this! I also added my own design using fabric paints that can be found in almost any art and crafts store. If you need a litlle more detailed instruction, Youtube is the go to source of all things DIY.

Its pretty much the exact same procedure for any piece of clothing! Pour, spray or drop your bleach onto which ever piece you desire, and voila! You’ve created your very own fashion trend!

There’s no better feeling then when someone asks you where you got your top or shorts and you say ‘’I did them myself’’! It really is as easy as pie. Hopefully these handy DIY fashion tips help you to release the inner designer in you!

Alana xo